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Axonomy Airdrop, ICO and Token Sale

AXONOMY Airdrop Review

Axonomy is exploring different avenues regarding an alternate methodology from the customary ICO strategy. As a client driven quickening agent for promising worldwide blockchain new companies, Axonomy expands on the embodiment of decentralized blockchain for reasonableness and straightforwardness yet in addition investigates an imaginative endeavor framework dependent on casting a ballot and token store venture.
The half breed show gives the network an opportunity to take an interest in the private value round through different means, however commits the venture choice to the brought together token reserve, which comprises of speculation authorities and assets.
Axonomy means to upset customary task subsidizing with a client driven endeavor framework dependent on casting a ballot. Through casting a ballot and hatching of extraordinary activities, Axonomy means to convey greatest shared advantages to clients, ventures, and speculators.
The Axonomy biological system, in light of the appropriated business structure, plans to augment industry productivity by encouraging cooperation and resource sharing crosswise over various Blockchain networks
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Total reward: 60 AXON [$30] + 30 AXON [$15] per referral + 10% (If your coin loses) or 50% (If your coin wins) in AXON tokens as interest for voting.

AXONOMY Airdrop Instruction

  • Register or Login atAxonomy Beta Site.
  • Join the Axonomy Telegram group.
  • Perform KYC to unlock Reward. (60 AXON)
  • Your KYC need 12 to 36 Hours to verify.
  • Once your KYC is approved, vote for your favourite coin to receive the additional reward. Check their Medium to find a detailed voting tutorial.
  • If you already have an account, you can still participate for the voting rewards.
  • Even more AXON tokens you can get through their Bounty
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