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SwachhCoin ICO Review

swachhcoin ico review

Swachhcoin is a blockchain project that is trying to solve the problem of waste management by decentralizing the waste management ecosystem. The company is combining several innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, adaptive intelligence, and blockchain to revolutionize the waste management industry.

According to their whitepaper, “throughout the world, mankind is facing a massive problem of too much waste and scarcity of resources. The amount of waste being produced has kept on increasing over the years, and the trend is expected to continue aggressively. According to some estimates, annual global waste generation is expected to reach approximately 2.5 Billion Tons well before the year 2030.”

The challenge of waste management is not new. Because the population of the world is rapidly increasing, more and more governments and organizations are getting involved in waste management processes. Sadly, despite the efforts of all those involved, “the amount of waste being recycled or processed has failed to catch up with the waste generation levels.” Swachhcoin is trying to solve this problem on a global scale by incentivizing the ecosystem – people get paid to dispose of their waste correctly. With this in mind, the company is trying to create and maximize value from global household waste.

It is an absolute win-win for all the participants in the ecosystem. First, the efficiency of the waste management industry will increase, individuals get to benefit from properly disposing of waste, waste materials can be repurposed or stored safely, and ultimately the environment is safer.

In summary, some of the main features of the Swachhcoin network includes:

•    Integrating four advanced and innovative technologies; AI, IoT, big data, and blockchain
•    Monetary incentives in the form of Swachh tokens for proper disposal of waste. Users will be required to put their garbage in Swachh Bins, which will automatically identify and reward users with the help of SWAPP (Swachh DApps)
•    Processing of waste into more than 20 outputs
•    Integration of autonomous philanthropic work
Market Potential
It is impossible to separate waste from human existence; from empty PET cans to plastic bags, and even food waste. Also, the challenge of waste management is a global issue.

An average family generates more than 2000kgs of waste every year. Globally, more than 1.5 billion tons of waste is produced annually, and only a small percentage of this amount is effectively disposed or repurposed. All these points to the possible market potential for Swachh. By offering monetary returns to individuals, they will be motivated to join the network and earn a few extra bucks for doing close to nothing.
Competitive Advantage
Beyond the fact that Swacchcoin runs an incentivised model, their competitive advantage lies in the community, partners, and team behind the project. The project boasts of over 50,000 members on Telegram, as well as on other social media sites.

Their team also comprises of professionals from diverse backgrounds, ranging from research to engineering, and marketing. There are over 20 advisors assisting the core development team.

With regards to partnerships, Swachhcoin has partnered with Bancor Network, Bitrue, and Ethen Exchanges. This will help investors to trade their tokens easily. To prove the success of the concept, Swachhcoin has been featured on top 5 Global Blockchain-based Waster Management Startups by NASDAQ, the second largest exchange in the world. 
Token Distribution
Swachhcoin has a total supply of 400 million tokens (SCX). Some of the tokens (69% precisely) are going to be sold during pre-sale and ICO. The ICO has a soft cap of $5 million, and a hard cap of $15 million.

The remaining 31% will be allocated to the team, a vault, partners and advisors, as well as a philanthropy fund.

It is worth noting that the first ICO phase of the project is currently on and they are offering a discount of 21%. Other rounds of ICO sale will provide lesser discounts.

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